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They can be updated at any time, however, if the original birth certificate was requested and mailed to an adoptee prior to the State Registrar receiving a birth parent’s request to change their preference from contact to no contact, the birth parent may still be contacted by that adoptee.The new law permits an authorized applicant to receive a non-certified copy of the original birth certificate that is on file with the Office of Vital Statistics and Registry.Will the OVSR have a list of counseling resources to be shared with birth parents and adult adoptees who may need to speak with a professional regarding information they may or may not receive from their request?The Department has received hundreds of requests from birth parents and adoptees and is working currently to perform the complex, multi-step search to retrieve certificates and then match those to any birth parent requests.

The copy of the birth certificate will be clearly marked that it is not a certified copy and cannot be used for legal purposes.

However, in the event a birth parent wishes not to have contact with the adoptee, but does not submit the contact preference prior to the State Registrar’s receipt of a request for and the mailing of the original certificate to the adoptee, then there is a possibility that the adoptee may attempt to make contact with the birth parent as the adoptee will be unaware of the birth parent’s contact preference.

The birth parent contact preference form and family history questionnaire based on the law are available on our website.

On May 27, 2014, Governor Christie amended this vital records law when he signed legislation that allows an adult adoptee, whose Original Birth Certificate was placed in a sealed file, to obtain a non-certified copy of that Original Birth Certificate. The application to request a copy of an adoptee’s original birth certificate is already posted on this website, and can be completed and mailed into the Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics and Registry (OVSR) at any time.

[REG 41] In addition to the application form, the requestor must also mail to the OVSR proper proof of identity, proof of relationship and/or proof of name change, such as a marriage certificate for a married woman who changed her surname, and payment.

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