Dating anniversary messages

Posted by / 17-Jun-2020 22:55

Dating anniversary messages

From an alarm in clock that wakes me up for yet another bright day in life to a sweet bedtime melody that puts me to rest after an accomplished day – you are my everything.

I am glad our marriage has not been a plane to fly in or a car to breeze through the roads in, but a journey that we have walked hand in hand all our lives in. It includes a husband like you who makes holidays relaxing, weekends cozy and a home beautiful.

The definition of a fun marriage doesn’t include relaxing holidays, cozy weekends or beautiful homes. The only reason I chose a simple wedding ceremony was because I knew that the grandeur of our married life was going to make up for it.

it signifies that we are both lucky to have such a beautiful fate. I want our anniversary celebration to be grand because you make our lives grand every single day. Happy anniversary to my wife, thanks for all your support. Our life as a couple is like a set of lock and key which can’t work without each other. You are the foundation on which the tower of my professional success rests. The symbolic meaning of our anniversary, is that you and I were meant to be. I think I am blind to all of life’s problems because you have opened my eyes to all of life’s beauty. Romantic quote to say happy anniversary to wife 38. to the reason behind my happiness, the reason for my success, the reason for all my smiles, the reason our marriage has lasted many a mile.

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Our marriage has never been a puzzle to assemble, but an empty canvas to paint with beautiful colors.