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Vanquish also has hip-hop night, which plays the top current hip hop music and past top hip hop hits.

Although several new clubs have opened in Atlanta within the last few years, Vanquish still fills up to capacity almost every single night.

Today, Atlanta has one of the best nightlife scenes in the southern part of the United States and it has quickly grown to become a hotspot for nightlife in all of America.

Atlanta has a growing upscale lounge, bar, and club scene that is like no other place in the South.

Vanquish also offers unique nights like “Grown and Sexy” night, which caters to the older adult crowd who still want to enjoy a night out at the club.

If you’re looking to spend a night out in one of Atlanta’s fine establishments and need some company, consider hiring an Atlanta escort.

Several escort companies in Atlanta can connect you with a beautiful escort that will accompany you to your desired destination.

This section has the best view and sound of the entire club.

Getting into the Bamboo room will make you feel like a true celebrity if you purchase the room or somehow manage to get in.

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Compound – Compound is one of Atlanta’s hottest nightclubs located in upper midtown, which is one of Atlanta’s best areas to spend a night out.