Dating celestion g12 65

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Dating celestion g12 65

When pushed at volume, the G12H stands strong and will not compress like a G12H.So in the case of a comparison when played through it using guitar, a G12M will feel like it has "more bass" at volume which is actually compression, while a G12H will feel more solid and with more accurate bass response.Like many amplifiers, the G12M, whether in early 20 watt or later 25-watt form has a "sweet spot" zone when pushed to moderately loud listening volume.Fortunately for those that have limitations for volume output, the input sensitivity rating (which is related to a speaker’s efficiency, i.e.

The tone of the G12M is the foundation for much of the greatest rock and blues music ever recorded. And what does one sound like "in real life" away from the world of recording studios that can alter, shape and compress the sound through the mixing board, e.q., and other processors?

These are the classic ceramic speakers most widely known and available.

Celestion G12M Family, 20 and 25 watt "Greenback" The earliest G12Ms from the mid 1960s were rated at 20 watts and later increased to 25 watts RMS power handling capacity.

We’re received questions ranging from how one particular speaker may sound versus another, as well as about how cabinets themselves impact the final tone.

These topic areas can be discussed in simple terms or they can be more scientific when one chooses to dig deeper.

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It emphasizes the top end crunch of a distorted rock guitar, but rolls off many of the most extreme highs that more efficient speakers can reproduce.