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If you pass on my offer you will regret it the rest of your life. I just retired recently because of poor health at 75 years old.My quality of living isn't like it should be, I want to retire immediately.Techboomers has over 100 free courses with thousands of step-by-step tutorials and informational articles that can help you learn anything and everything about the Internet's most popular websites and apps.Check out our full range of courses, or jump down to any category that interests you!Besides social networking to meet new friends or to rekindle old friendships people can also use the TV show to enhance job finding skill through networking with members--It's a great icebreaker to start up a conversation so each can start a friendship to discuss each other job skills and occupations to find a better employment opportunities.All members are photographed at a professional casting call in all the malls kiosk areas nationwide before going globally.

You can easily get discovered; be a TV celebrity & co-star on TV, [you don't have to go naked either] meet new friends, find old ones too!Through the LM surveys business will gain valuable insight into what customers really think about products and what they would like to see improved.The Super Bowl was here and now gone; media prices were at all time high, thirty seconds of broadcast time costing 5.8 million dollars not counting the half million or more cost of producing the commercial and buying media time spots.Learn how the Internet works and how to keep yourself safe, in addition to new ways to increase your digital literacy, including learning to use your i Phone, i Pad, or Android device.The meeting/dating industry is primed for the right company to acquire my Lets Meet TV Show. I want this interactive social network to go to a good home, fraud-free, scam free and all men need to respect women. Detofsky, I own the US Copyrights and WGA-West-Writers Registration for the only interactive social network TV show for people to meet people.

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FORBES - An analysis of the security practices of 24 leading online dating sites has concluded that only seven use secure-enough password practices.

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