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This instrument is not listed in any of the Barker catalogues known up to now. Ltd) - 6th row: M-73 Current models of hand-held prismatic compass are the M-73 and M-88. The MK1 French Army - Documentation (in French): • Notice MAT 1884, Version 1970 (12 p, A5 format, issue. below.) • Manuel Technique MAT 1935 (Descr., User Instr., Illustr. Read also the interesting story of VONIN who tried to take a share of the compass market immediately before WWI.

- 2nd row: Verners' Pattern Mk V - 3rd row: Lensatic compasses - 4rd and 5th rows: MK 1, MILS and DICI, Pattern 42 and Mk III (see also T. These are available in combinations of 360 degrees, 6400 Mils, or even 6000 Mils like the DICI model used by Eastern Block and some Arab countries. mm - Compass card dia.: mm - Thickness: mm - Divisions: 360 - Engraving on obverse: D /|\ D (broad arrow, Dept. ) - Transit lock: sliding side button - Brake push-button under the hinge (like on next item below) - No protection tab above the prism's lens Although unsigned, the case is identical to the item below. Compare with the large marching compass models made by Stanley and Steward. This solution was implemented in several instruments but abandoned by Barker who favoured the more precise prismatic system. is only 2", the clamp screw is located at the 2 o'clock position and the thumb loop can be flat. It should be noted that the Austrian Empire's officer Johann von Bzard invented his famous system in 1902. / History& Bibliography and also in our shop the booklet Technical Data - Case: aluminium, 58 x 58 x 15mm - Dia.

1916 - Lensatic Compass 1930 - Mk II Liquid Prismatic Compass 1932 - Mk III Liquid Prismatic Compass 1939 - Mk IX Dry Card Prismatic compass (a normal Verner's pattern) 1942 - 42 Pattern Liquid Prismatic Compass 1966 - Mk 1 Liquid Prismatic Compass (Mk III converted to Mils) * 1971 - M-71 Transition from Radium to Tritium markers, new protection grid 1972 - M-72 Reinforced lid hinge 1973 - M-73 Still in current production (see PYSER's website) 1980 - Aerolight 1988 - M-88 Still in current production (see PYSER's website and - 1st row: This is the transitional stage between the larger Schmalcalder style prismatic compasses, and the early Verner’s pattern prismatic compasses (late 1800's). M-71/M-72 - Technical data Material: brass body and lid Weight: 315 gr The M-71 featured a triangular mark with a tritium tube on the card's and on the chapter's background North reference. For this reason Barker developed a new hinge fixed by screws instead of a brazed tab (see at left the pic. Fvrier fit appliquer les proprits de la boussole la tactique ; sur ses indications, une boussole, connue sous le nom de boussole directrice, fut construite et mise en usage dans les rgiments." . ) and became the famous flat cylinder-shaped compass used by the French WWI soldiers (see examples in MORIN).

It was designed to be more pocketable than the older, larger models, and the sighting vane became an etched vertical line on the window glass of a hinged lid. This system superseded the Mk III's lozenge and broad radium markings (example: see T. We lack information concerning this part of the story.

They represent an early (circa WW 1) attempt at a mirror compass, with an (originally) polished brass insert in the cover which allows the card (w/ bearings printed in reverse) to be read while sighting on a target.

This brass "mirror" in this compass is nickel plated.

A & F retailed probably in the years following WW1 a mirror compass resembling the famous PLAN Ltd and Cruchon & Emons items but mostly aimed at outdoor sportsmen.This compass was based on the Modle 1922 with transparent capsule but it featured in addition a hanging mirror that automatically came to rest at an angle of 45 like those made by the Swiss companies RECTA and BCHI. 62.195 issued on Decembre 29, 1954) by a system that allowed the measurement of slope angles (level). At about the same time, the French Army commissioned the German Bzard compass.Its special version called UBK (Universal-Bzard-Kompass) had already been offering these functionalities since the 1930's. Ltd London but with the letter 'B' in the serial number were in fact also made by Barker.Unlike the military items, it contains no radium paint and has no additional needle oscillation brake.The loop is not hinged with screws and the transit lock is a simple push-down lever located on the loop's fitting and actuated when closing the lid. in Russian) is an acronym consisting of the first letters of the inventors named in the patent (see below), cartographer captain Vladimir Nikolaievich ADRIANOFF (link to photography and biography, * Feb. The only known product was a marching compass (Verner's pattern).

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- Luminous markings: 2 dots for North, 1 dot each for E, S, W on the chapter ring and a triangle on the arrow head.

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