Dating delray beach fl

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Dating delray beach fl

So cook up your hot dogs in your favorite manner and celebrate this holiday right. This year (2018) July 18 (Wednesday) Next year (2019) July 17 (Wednesday) Last year (2017) July 19 (Wednesday) History of the Hot Dog & National Hot Dog Day While it’s unclear exactly when the hot dog was invented, many people attribute it to sausages developed during the 13th century in Germany. During this time, German immigrants not only brought sausages to America but they also brought dachshund dogs, so the term hot dog may just be a joke about German’s thin dogs that got casually transferred to the sausages.

These sausages were then most likely brought by German immigrants immigrating into the U. It is believed that as early as the 1860s, street food vendors were selling hot dogs in buns in New York City. This was probably reinforced by the fact that many Germans called these dogs “little sausages.” Today, there are a variety of ways to serve the hot dog – with many regional variances in the United States.

In December 2010, a construction crew clearing a plot of land in Delray Beach discovered human remains -- very, very old human remains.

Researchers have now confirmed just how old the bones may be.

All things being equal, the finished “dogs” should look just like this…

According to Dorothy Block, a founder of the Palm Beach County Archaeological Society, they subsisted on a diet of sea turtles and oysters.

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If the remains are Native America, the archaeologists consult with the Seminole and Miccosukee tribes to determine a proper course of action.

If you come across unmarked human remains on your own property, the law requires you to contact local law enforcement immediately.

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Daniel Seinfeld of Florida's Bureau of Archaeological Research explained to Huff Post Miami: "Archaeologists determine the age of bones based on their association with artifacts, their general condition, and physical markers that are unique to prehistoric groups, such as dental wear.