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Dating e c kropp

There are other varieties from this group which are not shown here, but exist in the literature, e.g., "W. If there is no enough space for marking, then the special "small mark" should be applied. The letter "N" is the sign for Neusilber (Alpacca), used as a base metal for silvering. There are two varieties of this mark, one antler image is strait, while the other is convex.

In this period, WMF factory used the standard cutlery marks, namely, four-letter inscriptions WMFN and W. The size of the antler mark frame is between 1.1 mm x 2.7 mm and 1.2 mm x 2.9 mm.

Such a way of marking allows the designation of the base metal used for silvering, i.e., brass, in German "Messing" ("M"), nickel silver, in German "Neusilber" ("N"), or tin-containing alloy, in German "Britannia metall" ("B"), respectively. The two-letter inscription "OX" ("oxydiert" in German, "oxidized" in English) means artificial darkening of the silver surface to a grey colour.

All the inscriptions are made both with "serif" (rarely) or "sans serif" fonts and sometimes are put in a cartouche. The "O" letter put in a rhombus means an increased (by 1.5 times) thickness of plated silver layer.

The length of WMFM, WMFN and WMFB inscriptions varies in the range 3.2-5.6 mm. The double-letter inscription "gg" is an abbreviation of the German expression "ganz vergoldet", which means "entirely gilded". They are discussed in detail in my accompanying paper on WMF cutlery mark. (all given without a rectangular frame), the so-called "antler" mark, developed from the Wurtemberg Coat of Arms and used at around 1900 on nickel silver flatware. It could be the 20 year jubilee of the WMF firm or simply the celebration of the new century.

The two-letter inscription "If there is not enough space for marking, then the special "small marks" should be applied.

In this period, WMF factory used in such cases the standard cutlery mark, namely, the "ostrich" image in rhombus.

The fraction "I/O" means the normal thickness of silver deposited on the surface of the base metal.

The size of the "I/O" box varies between 1.9 mm x 2.3 mm and 2.2 mm x 2.6 mm.

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All inscriptions are made with a "sans serif" font.

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