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They bought the market rights from the lord of the manor and, by 1832, all properties on site had been purchased, with exception of two, whose owners demanded a higher price.To fund the purchase of these properties, two buildings were constructed either side of the market hall and the leases sold at auction.In the 16th century and 17th century, Mercer Street rapidly developed and became cramped.In the early 18th century Mercer Street was known as Spicer Street, reflecting the growing grocery and meat trade that had begun to take over from the cloth trade.Houses were constructed close to St Martin's Church, eventually encircling it. On a map produced by Westley in 1731, other markets had developed nearby including food, cattle and corn markets with other markets located nearby on the High Street.This corn market was moved to the Corn Exchange on Carrs Lane in 1848.Immigrants set up businesses such as flower-sellers and umbrella vendors.

The Shambles was originally a row of butchers' stores, situated close to the road leading from the location where bulls were slaughtered.

By the end of the century the street was known as Spiceal Street.

Despite being overcrowded and cramped, many houses on the street had gardens as indicated by an advertisement for a residential property in 1798.

The Bullring is a major commercial area of central Birmingham.

It has been an important feature of Birmingham since the Middle Ages, when its market was first held.

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Seven years later, another document described another mercer in the area.

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