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The thought was apparently that these were Christians who believed and practiced according to what body of Christians as a whole did, in contrast to what some particular group thought or did.

Later, in the city of Antioch, they received the name "Christians" (Acts ). These groups still wished to represent themselves as Christian—and many of them were, retaining valid baptism and a profession of faith in Christ.

Consequently, a new word was needed to distinguish the Christians belonging to the Church that Christ founded from those belonging to the churches that had split off from it.

Miramar has lists re 'Doxford' built vessels highest hull number on page. Do read the most interesting information available here , the website of George H. The township later became a civil parish in its own right, and, later still, was renamed Crewe Green to avoid confusion with the town of Crewe, which was adjacent to it.

Its title was 'The Doxford 58JS3 for smaller ships'. Initially I had though that this referred to the 'Ship Factory' but that would seem to have been a rather later reorganisation. I'm currently reading about five different things at the moment.

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Narito ang mga kasagutan mula sa Catholic Answers: Answer: Originally Christians weren’t even called Christians. This term spread very quickly—probably to the chagrin of those Jewish individuals who did not wish to acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah (Christ).

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