Dating micro mosaic brooches

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Dating micro mosaic brooches

- This is the earliest type of micro mosaic jewelry.This is similar to mosaic, but the difference is in the size of the glass tiles or tesserae.The molten mass was then "spun" or drawn by means of tweezers into threads of the desired thickness.The "smalti filati" technique made it possible for artisans to fashion pieces on very small scale, and eventually even to produce actual "miniature mosaics", with glass tiles called "tesserae", which were less than 1 mm thick, and which gained widespread popularity in the first half of 18th century.The value is determined by a wide number of factors.The condition of the jewelry pieces, as always, is one of the most important factors. The size and delicacy of the work in a micro mosaic should be considered.Typical scenes include flowers and various architectural scenes of Rome and other European cities.Unusual designs were sometimes made of bugs, dogs, cats, unusual landscapes and other subjects, not so often seen.

In Venetian designs, the artisans used a wide variety of shapes in the glass tiles to form the design. The earrings are a clip ons and both earrings are measures 2 1/4" long by 2" wide. Item#BRCH1201Price .99Antique Micro Mosaic Brooch. Miniature tesserae glass tiles of colorful colors differing in sizes fitted together to form this timeless piece. Safety pin type closure finishes the detailed back. You may want to have it monogrammed for a special person in your life. The brooch designed to run the outer border of the ear. Item#BRCH1202Price .99Richness shows though with this little simple bar pin and it adds a classic touch to any outfit. In a brass round setting and sits up in a dome shape. Item#BRCHBSET103/12Price .99The brooch is an amber color glass with a wave of darker amber running through the middle, and surrounded by small diamond shaped glass rhinestones in a lighter amber color, bordered by oval glass amber navettes. Item#BRCH1206Price .99Antique Tile Micro Mosaic Brooch Pin and showy. ~ All beautiful and if you love shades of pinks, this will be your favorite!

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