Dating my sisters boyfriend lesson 2 4 tree ring dating

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My sister has the biggest heart and the sweetest laugh and I hope you get to hear it every time you are with her.She’s goofy and has a young soul’s sense of entertainment but can handle her serious moments.She likes to breathe and definitely is a fan of personal time; respect this.Something else you should know is to not expect quick replies if you text her.So, if you break my sister’s heart in a way I find unsuitable, you may want to stay as far out of reach of me as you can.I look forward to meeting you and seeing how you make my sister happy.

They didn’t take it easy on me, and they definitely won't take it easy on my sister.

You should probably know my family is close and likes to treasure the time we spend together. When we do spend time with you, you should probably expect a little friendly teasing but it’s all in good nature and a way for us to show how we protect each other.

This letter may seem slightly intimidating and a bit overboard, but if you can recognize these things and realize how special of a girl you are getting, this seems like nothing.

I may be young, but I have seen many boys treat girls right but also treat girls poorly.

I refuse to let my sister be with a boy that doesn’t treat her with the utmost respect and like the treasure she is.

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My sister is headstrong and follows after her father in knowing how to handle herself but that does not mean she is unbreakable.