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Dating notes

Fringed tongues on Oxfords and brogues were seen frequently. Oxford bags were first worn by Oxford undergraduates, eager to circumvent the Universitys prohibition on knickers.

The style originated when knickers were banned in the classroom.

1855 Very tall top hats, big bow ties, turned down collars, wide lapels, walking stick, waitcoat/vest with shawl collar, one guy is clean shaven and the other a small mustache. The sack suit, which had been popular since the mid eighteen-hundreds, constituted appropriate day dress for gentlemen.

Oh, and pants and jacket appear to be matching.usually uniforms have elements of the current trending style, like the size and shape of the sleeves or in this case the turned down collar with the gap getting smaller than in the past like 1840s. (Edwardian etiquette commanded successive changes of clothing for gentlemen during the day.) With the suits, colored shirts of putty, peach, blue-gray and cedar were worn.

We have samples in other decades, of cadets in later years demonstrating this. Shaped silk ties in small geometric patterns or diagonal stripes were secured with tie pins and a black bowler hat.

Likewise civilian clothes often had elements of military trends, such as double pockets after WWI. Worn from 1880-present day for formal wear developed many versions. the extremely high collar and with more server points was favored by 1890 to 1905. The tail coat was considered appropriate formal evening wear, with a top hat.

As the bags measured anywhere from twenty-two inches to forty inches around the bottoms, they could easily be slipped on over the forbidden knickers.

In 1860, white was the choice color for most shirts and disposable collars and cuffs were worn and bow ties were popular for evening wear.

This is the version with Petillon beside Masterson.

Casual clothing demanded two-tone shoes in white and tan, or white and black. This fashion would influence men's wear for three decades.

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