Dating or boyfriend and girlfriend

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You see, I own two tortoises, and the rocket was, in fact, their dinner and not actually meant for us.

Unsurprisingly Andy has not been too keen for my help when he has subsequently cooked dinner.

Thinking Macaroni and Cheese was a safe bet (after all, what should you cook on a date?

), I got busy in the kitchen with Andy chatting away about his day.

You know you’re bad when someone else ends up just taking over. I didn’t add enough water to the pasta; I forgot to turn the hob on when trying to make the sauce, and then after I turned it on, I nearly caused a small fire when I put the tea towel on the hob.

Even worse, I stayed quiet when Andy raided my fridge and found some nearly out-of-date rocket.

Fast forward three years and I am now at the start of a new relationship. The rulebook has changed, and the lingo is different from the last time I went down this path. Some say that my current beau (we are on date 7) and I are ‘seeing each other’. Personally I’m stuck in limbo trying to work out how not to screw this up, and what the hell the difference is. I got a few messages from men, and then some dates followed.

It was just drinks in my head, but perhaps a little more daunting for Andy as he met seven of my closest friends.

Deciding to delay my calling to spinsterhood a little longer, I messaged him back, and we eventually met up for a drink. I managed to avoid knocking any drinks over, conversation flowed, and there was no need for an emergency call from my friend to end the date early (she was a pro having done it three times previously).

With the end of the evening and our time to say goodbye soon approaching, we boarded a train to get to our various destinations.

I’m enjoying the ride, but I really just can’t help but wonder where it’s going!

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