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Dating people with cats

However, after reading If you haven’t already noticed, the term “fur mom/dad” is an actual thing that doesn’t mean something weird. Because they are less work than having actual children, the young adult group can balance their drive to achieve goals with their desire to nurture a living being.Traditionally, women would look for long-term partners based on how well they interacted with babies and children, using this as an indicator of the prospective partner’s caregiving and parenting qualities.It is not hard to determine how extraverted and agreeable someone is.Speaking to someone a few times should give you that information, but you might need to know someone more intimately to determine the degree of these traits.researchers assessed the personality traits of dog owners, cat owners and individuals who owned no pets.

Believe it or not, but when it comes to relationships, you are just like your cat or dog. You like companionship but on your terms Example: You can only cuddle on the couch for so long, you tend to feel smothered if someone gives you too much, too fast. Once you figure out if you are a dog or cat, then you can seek out a partner that will meet and understand your needs.

"The Milk and Bone Theory" is based on the concept that in every relationship a person takes on the traits of a cat or a dog. Example: You know that you deserve the best and are willing to wait for it.

It's easy, take a close look at the behaviour of cats and dogs, notice which qualities you share with both animals. Example: You love being on your own and love having the freedom to do whatever you want, when you want.

Most are probably not dangerously neurotic, and cat owners still have traits that can make them desirable..

For instance, cat people were more likely to have anxious attachment styles and people without pets were more likely to have avoidant attachment styles.

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This new test of date-ability certainly has its drawbacks.

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