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Dating pre sell pages

Second, it gives you a way to build up excitement and demand for a release, beyond just talking about it.And finally, it can increase the likelihood of your album placing on official weekly music charts, since all your pre-orders are reported to the respective organizations as if 100% of the purchases were made the week you release the record.You can specify a different amount currently available to the amount incoming.

See our Help page for details on e Book pre-order timelines.

Just set the package’s release date to whatever future date you like, and that’s that. For more information about track/album codes, check this out. We’ll notify your mailing list when the album is available in full.

We also send an updated download link to any fans who bought the album during the pre-order period.

Customers can order the e Book anytime leading up to the release date you set, and it will be delivered to them on that date.

However, customers won't be able to download sample content for pre-order e Books during the pre-order period.

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Here are a couple tips for what to do before making your book available for pre-order.