Dating referers top

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Dating referers top

For the past two days I have felt uncomfortable, bloated, and fartalicious.

To this point, I have waited beyond the requisite 3 hours without even a hint of a rumble in my intestines. Paul - #12.1 - 2008-04-02 - (Reply) Well, I guess I just needed to prime the pump. Two and 1/2 more bowls for breakfast this morning, and I'm already starting to feel the effects again. TLM - #13 - 2008-04-05 - (Reply) Thank God I found this site and all of you have posted! I explained that I have excessive flatulence, and I mean really excessive to put it nicely! I've been on a real health kick lately, but I told her I havn't been able to do much because it's so embarressing to find new places to fart where it won't impose on other people!dbranger - #9 - 2008-03-07 - (Reply) As a joke I thought I would google Kashi/Gas because my wife and I have been blowing them big time. My wife wants me to make sure I put out there that hers was noisy but no odor. Jessica - #9.1 - 2016-05-07 - (Reply) She's not lying! But thank goodness I didn't have to smell what some of you are describing because then I would have to give the cereal up and I don't want to.This is my third day of ten hour gas sessions and thank goodness I found this site so I know it's the cereal, but mine didn't have an odor either. Natural Gasser - #10 - 2008-03-28 - (Reply) That's so funny because I found my way here by searching for "Kashi Crunch Fart" because I have finally isolated that is the source of my horrendous gas that I've been having for the last 3 weeks since I started eating this delicious cereal.My 13 year old daughter had a sleepover the night before and her friends were still asleep in her room across the hall from the bathroom. I knew from my previous experience with afore mentioned bars, that If I played the bum trumpet after eating this bar, I would positively ruin my daughter's social life. The weird part is that it was apparently so traumatic I feel the need to share. i couldn't figure out what i was eating that was making me like this!thank goodness i googled 'kashi causing gas' - now I have verification and have tossed that box right in the garbage!

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