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Once they realised I had certain dating criteria, they quickly disappeared.No good could come of men who were taking selfies in bathroom mirrors anyway, I thought.He said he’d forgotten it and asked why age was such a big deal.“Age doesn’t matter to me, but the truth does,” I replied. I soon realised that dating apps were just a pool full of guys who were looking to hook up.“Men should take care of the big things, such as the house, the car, and trips, and women can find a way to pay for other things,” my father once told me. In my profile I said I was seeking a long-term relationship: no one-night stands. One person who replied seemed nice enough, asking me how I was doing, and whether I’d like to go to dinner. “Well it’s all the weightlifting and eating right,” he said, as he wolfed down a plate of buffalo wings.Within minutes I received dozens of “likes” and several text messages, but then realised they could not be from mature adults. When I turned up at the restaurant, the only person I saw looked like a college kid. He flinched when I half-jokingly asked to see his driving licence.

The unwritten rules had also shifted when it came to what constitutes a date.

In Hong Kong I found the men, especially Chinese, to be more traditional – asking what kind of food I preferred, opening doors, and almost always picking up the bill for dinner. My friend had found success using dating apps, and has now been in a relationship for six months.

Over the years, I spoke about dating and relationships with many men in my life – my father, uncles, cousins, and colleagues, who shared their philosophies about the sexes. As a first-generation Chinese-American, I was born and raised in the United States, before moving to live and work in Hong Kong, where, for a few years, I lived with my then 89-year-old grandmother. I downloaded the apps, posted a headshot, and filled in the essentials. In the coming days I received numerous “hi” and “hellos” only to be met with silence when I thanked them and asked for their name.

“I agree there are different expectations between Asian cultures and the American culture,” she said.

“I do think American-cultured people tend to think for their individual benefit, whereas Asian-cultured people tend to think in terms of family and extended family as a whole unit.” Is there a way to strike a balance in this rocky and unsettling world of 21st century dating?

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Amy Wu is a Chinese American journalist based in New York and California.