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From there it was perhaps only a small step to the 1960s valorisation of regression as a positive good in itself.

I wanted to change this outcome,” explains Tamakloe.

Behaviors associated with regression can vary greatly depending upon which stage the person is fixated at: An individual fixated at the oral stage might begin eating or smoking excessively, or might become very verbally aggressive.

A fixation at the anal stage might result in excessive tidiness or messiness.

In fact, there was a gap in the market for a matching service based on interests, personality and physical appearance,” says Tamakloe.

Following the UK launch, the team plans to take the concept to other vibrant cities around the world including New York, Lagos and Accra within the first 12 months of operation.

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and Freud for his part had dourly noted that 'this extraordinary plasticity of mental developments is not unrestricted in direction; it may be described as a special capacity for involution - regression - since it may well happen that a later and higher level of development, once abandoned, cannot be reached again'.