Dating services for bukharan jews a pugs guide to dating

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There was the 55-year-old doctor who attended three Ivy League institutions, enjoys ice cream, and was seeking a woman willing to relocate to Los Angeles to start a family.

A 38-year-old female social worker who loves salsa dancing and kayaking was willing to relocate to Israel or anywhere in the United States for “a man who can appreciate an optimistic and ambitious partner.” All clients are identified as Ashkenazi or Sephardic (a reference to geographic familial origins), and their respective preferences for levels of religious observance are made clear.

The global Jewish population is just 15 million, with about 6 million in each Israel and the United States, and another 3 million spread out across the rest of the world.

Montreal, London, and Melbourne each have fewer than 200,000 Jewish people, and Rome has fewer than 20,000. S., two trends are further winnowing the dating pool: More than half of American Jews now marry non-Jewish partners, and there are questions about the decline of Jewish identity among both Americans and Millennials.

Despite matchmaking’s typically starry language about commitment and eternal soul mates, all matchmakers essentially work in a more vulgar trade: sales.

I sat in on Fass’s meeting with Osher, a 33-year-old architect with a passion for swing dancing and a recently broken heart.

It helps, too, that even small and secular communities have what Berzack refers to as “infrastructure”: established institutions and weekly rituals like Shabbat lunch.

In addition to online services like, there’s an extensive network of Jewish matchmaking connections across the spectrum of observance that span major cities around the world, from Buenos Aires to Rome.In one Facebook post, Fass outlined the international Jewish clients to match with eligible Israelis.It included a 41-year-old venture capitalist in New York City who is attentive, easygoing, loyal, kind, and willing to relocate for a good match.“You can be attracted on every level, but if practice is off, it can be a deal breaker.” But she is seeing more openness to intercultural relationships.In addition to some of the usual questions one might expect from any matchmaker—career ambitions, willingness to relocate, family expectations, physical type—Fass also asks questions specific to Jewish tradition, such as the keeping of kosher dietary laws and holiday observance.

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“I always say that love doesn’t have to be in your backyard,” she says.