Dating sex survey

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Dating sex survey

By and far, the most popular places named were parks and parking lots.

There were more than 100 write-in responses to the effect of Park, Parks, A park, In a park, Various parks, so on and so forth…

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Without further ado, here are the results: While most respondents (80.9%) are between 19–39 years old, we received responses in every age group from adolescents to seniors.

Maybe it’s time you talk to your parents about blogs.

1 in 4 survey respondents have an active profile on Tinder.For reference, 20.1% of all respondents said their best time was with a fuck buddy or friend with benefits, 9.1% said it was their ex and for 3.7% it was a steamy someone they met that night. So were about half of 9.8% of respondents who, when asked, “How satisfying is your sex life? ” You answered: Although 5.7% say they have engaged the services of a sex worker, only four respondents (0.4%) told us their best sex *ever* was with a professional.” answered, “The best ever.” Though 1 in 3 respondents said they are having “ enough sex.” Of the remainder: approximately 1 in 5 claim to be having “the perfect amount of sex,” and 1 in 20 say there’s “no such thing as too much sex! Many of the 5.7% told us about BDSM fetishes and we figure that’s where some of this sex work is kicking in.As always, please keep in mind that no actual statistics were harmed in the making of this survey.But because some of you are statisticians and sex researchers…

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Favourite responses: Gatineau Park (7); Parliament Hill (5); Carleton University (3); Rideau Centre rooftop (3); The Arboretum (3); Nordik Spa (2); Westboro Beach (2); Too many places to list (2); Golf course (2); Side of house and front lawn (2); On a dock in Barrhaven (2); SJAM Trail; On a neighbour’s lawn; On the hood of a car in my old high school’s parking lot (hey Hillcrest); Drunk sex behind Laundro Land; Bowling alley; the water treatment plant by the river; On top of a car in a Byward Market parking garage; Where wasn’t it?