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Dating stanley transitional planes

It was originally printed in Unfortunately both books are out of print and tough to acquire but fortunately for us, some people have uploaded the info to the internet. Type Study is considered to be the most accurate information to date on the manufacturing of Stanley planes, however it should be noted that Stanley Works never built planes based on these Type Studies.They simply build planes with whatever parts they had lying around.It also had 3 patent dates on it: 2-8-76, 10-21-84, and 7-24-88 By type 8 only the last patent date remains 7-24-88 That is what we have, so it look like it is Type 8 and above rog receiver undergoes a major redesign.A smaller bearing surface is now cast into the bed, toward the tote.

Well, no such thing as "definite" but definitively "pretty sure"...Two circular bosses, to receive the screws are located just ahead of this bearing surface, toward the mouth.A rib runs from the mouth to bearing surface, over which the frog rests.No biggie I just happens to have a "few" examples to chose from in order to illustrate the features helping us dated them.Instead of re-building my whole Illustrated Type Study of Stanley Bench planes, for now.

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Sometimes I’ll see people ask the simple question on woodworking forums on whether or not an old plane they picked up at a garage sale is worth anything.