Dating tawag sa china

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Dating tawag sa china

Jerome bears a lot of emotional scars because he grew up being severely disciplined by his mom Criselda who never understood his odd mannerisms and mood swings due to his illness.

After his father passes away soon after being diagnosed with lung cancer, Jerome is left with no choice but to help his mom take care of his siblings.

But when her mom suddenly dies, she begins to hate her grandfather for telling her the stories which she now sees as lies.

Rhia Mae, Leslie, Apple, Lorimel, and Cherry are about to discover the real meaning of friendship.

They eventually set their differences aside though when they decided to help the pupils improve their performance so they could pass the annual national achievement test.

Curing is crushed when her parents ask her to stop schooling three months before her graduation because they have no money.Raising a family turns out to be a full-time job in itself, but singing remains her first love.When an opportunity for her to sing at funerals comes her way, Santa discovers that she can still use her talent to bring honor to the dead.To prevent any conflict, their number one rule is that they won't keep any secret from each other.But then the barkada's common crush becomes attracted to Rhiamae who begins to meet him without telling her friends.

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