Dating the metta sutta lang ru

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Dating the metta sutta lang ru

He should be efficient and competent (sakko), Honest and upright (udu cha su ju cha) Pleasant and polite in speech (Suvaco) (Suvaco does not mean obedient) Gentle in demeanor (gentle composure -mudu) He should be modest and not arrogant (anatimani) He should be content and satisfied (santussako) And be easily supportable (subarro).

Whether weak or strong What life forms might one construe as weak?

Those of delicate constitution, such as butterflies or jellyfish, for example, or almost anything without a spine.

Those that are short-lived, like mayflies, or that are born feeble and are destined to die almost immediately.

It can be a difficult practice, but this is what the practice of loving kindness entails.

Remember the Whether tall and large, middle-sized, or short, Whether very subtle or very gross Continue the exercise of envisioning living beings of all shapes and sizes.

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You might even make a game of it on a long drive, or with children. What is the tallest animal you can think of; what is the shortest?

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