Dating the presidents daughter

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Dating the presidents daughter

He does not realize she is the president's daughter, and at first believes Hallie was playing a joke on him.

When he enters, Hallie has Duncan meet her father, and Duncan is informed that there are limitations on where they can and cannot go, and that the Secret Service will be with them the entire time.

Duncan's father gets a promotion after his employer is overjoyed of being able to meet and play golf with the President which saves his job and apparently causes him to remove Duncan's grounding sentence.

Hallie and Duncan are able to pursue a real relationship and happily go on a second date.

Hallie has a curse, she's the daughter of the American President. Both of the leads, Will Friedle and Elisabeth Harnois, have appeared in Das Leben und ich (1993).

See more » When Duncan is asking his dad if he can take the car, his dad tells him to take the station wagon, and hands him a ring with only one key on it.

Hallie and Duncan's fathers are out looking for them throughout the city but end up being arrested for a traffic violation by a traffic cop who fails to recognize the President.

Duncan and Hallie both manage to come home safe but unhappy as they realize after their first kiss how much they like each other.

“They would probably do something now, again because I’m almost 40, where it would be my son going on a date or something like that,” Friedle said. They would certainly find a way to get the plot working.” I completely, 1000 percent agree.

“Or somehow Hallie (played by Elisabeth Harnois) and Duncan ended up together and our grandfather is still Dabney Coleman and something happens with him.

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Hallie says that they were just going to dinner and a movie, but at the movie theater, they sneak away from the Secret Service.