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Dating to relationship stage

It’s called passion of the moment and it’s the first stage of being in a relationship.But the big question is, are you going to feel like that in 6 months?It’s the effort that counts and that’s what will be appreciated by your other half.When you are in a strong relationship, you don’t worry about the future.Are you still going to feel lucky when you move in with him and find out that he is not the angel you though he was. But one thing is for sure, if you are attracted to each other, then your relationship will last for many years. That’s why we urge women to look after themselves, even after they get married or have kids.They need to be attractive at all times, and so do men.

Respect will protect your relationship when people try to bring obstacles along the way.

When you are with someone special, all you care is to spend one more day with him, invest in quality time with your partner and enjoy life as it happens.

As a result of the previous comment, enjoying the moment, you tend to laugh with your boyfriend.

Things get better and better, you don’t miss the past, you are so happy about right now that you don’t have time to worry about tomorrow.

All the things that can go wrong often don’t happen, so why do you even bother to worry about them?

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Respect is all about giving the right opportunity to speak up and to look up to him, a feeling that makes you proud just by being next to her.

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