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Our meals are a mix of everything from Greek and Turkish to British, Italian, Indian, and American.

Our conflicts arise from our personalities and wants, just like a mono-cultural couple. The difference is in how we live according to a blended cultural calender. The cavernous church was brightly lit, the priest grew impatient when my cousin the bride came late, but the throngs of relatives and friends were unmistakable.

Laying claim to whole families, it defines how life is to be lived.

However, what I’ve done and what my boyfriend has done since we’ve left our respective countries makes us who we are, not the cultures that lay claim to us.

Then there are Turkish’s suprising adopted Greek words like barbunya (barbounia, mullet), avli (avli, yard, but in Turkish meaning a formal courtyard), kukla (koukla, doll), and karides (garides, shrimp).While our relationship is easy for other expats to understand, “Expatria” is not a country, nor somewhere we can settle down.Where then do we plant ourselves if we want to settle down?If we had children, who would they be and where would they fit in?The children of a mixed background like ours have no guarantees of a social group.

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The boubounieres, the large party afterwards with food and music would be there, but I would have to forget the church wedding, the slightly annoyed priest, and a multitude of blessings from everyone related to me by blood. There is so much which we think is “Greek” which is actually just a constructed identity, or worse, a holdover from the past.