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Dating vintage gucci purse

The performance of this perfume is like a symphony in three movements and it lasts an awfully long time, with serious sillage. The perfume has a mind of it's own and can feel like a living chemical entity as it never leaves you for hours and hours on end.

This is a true perfume, for it was made when perfume was perfect, during the Golden Age of Perfume. On my mother it smells magnificent with a strong and yet soft polarity, spicy, floral, musky and powdery.

You won't find the heavy incense/smoke of Shal in Chantilly, but the drydowns are def very very similar. My grandmother had the exact same and I remember begging her to add some to my bath water when I was a little girl.

My tastes in perfumes was off to a very good start I believe!

After four decades of life centered around career with all the competition, stimulation and stress that comes with it, I find Chantilly just the thing!The vanilla is creamy, burnt and deep like the vanilla in Shalimar.Around the vanilla a bit of sandalwood, musk and moss, a real oak moss scent with the whisper of a chypre.I loved this perfume since my teens, I love the powdery smell when it dries down and that it's balsamic, love balsamic and woody scents.I love it because it isn't sweet and fruity and because benzoin and powdery perfumes are my thing I have the original Houbigant formula, which is so much more refined with great sillage than the reformulated Dana version.

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This is a beautiful sedate perfume but with a lot of heft and power. I love the ritual of first spritz and then allowing my mind to drift over the ensuing impressions and emotions that accompany the olfactory sense. Except for the very blatant, I cannot pick out notes.

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