Dating while poet dating woman in canda

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Dating while poet

Frost credited Thomas's long walks over the English landscape as the inspiration for one of his most famous poems, "The Road Not Taken." Apparently, Thomas's indecision and regret regarding what paths to take inspired Frost's work.The time Frost spent in England was one of the most significant periods in his life, but it was short-lived.He taught at Dartmouth and the University of Michigan at various times, but his most significant association was with Amherst College, where he taught steadily during the period from 1916 to 1938, and where the main library is now named in his honor.

Though it was a fruitful time for Frost's writing, it was a difficult period in his personal life.Winner of four Pulitzer Prizes and a special guest at President John F.Kennedy’s inauguration, Frost became a poetic force and the unofficial "poet laureate" of the United States.During his lifetime, Frost would receive more than 40 honorary degrees, and in 1924, he was awarded his first of four Pulitzer Prizes, for his book (1943).Amidst these successes, Frost's family was dealt another tragic blow when Elinor died in 1938.

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He died of complications from prostate surgery on January 29, 1963.