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Datingcooking com

It got me thinking about all the reality TV possibilities to come. It could be called something like, Bare It All on the Runway. And, I’m not so sure I’d want to be the one tasting food prepared by naked people.

Whether it be vegetarian dishes, all American ribs prepared over an open flame all types of single food lovers call Cooking Friends their home for online dating.Having been married for 17 year I’m well beyond the dating scene, but that doesn’t mean I’ve lost touch with reality.So, when I saw the promo for Dating Naked I may have reflexively covered my private parts while shaking my head with the belief that I didn’t think we could possibly take reality TV much further. True confession: we’ve watched a handful of Naked and Afraid episodes, but I’ve convinced myself that this series has some merit and is eerily fascinating.In watching the trailer for Dating and Naked I was appalled.Really, has dating gotten so difficult that the only way you can make a real “connection” is to not only get naked, but doing it while being paid and on film for the entire country to view? I think they’d at least require shoes because of all that running back and forth that happens during the challenges.

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The guys always wear their stuffy suits to the rose ceremonies and they could now be free. No man or woman would be judged by his or her clothing.

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