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Datingdesigners com

But before you dive headfirst into a world of logos and coffee and deadlines, there are a few quirks you ought to consider when dating designer folk.You may think it will be fun to re-decorate your living room with the help of your designer partner, but you’re wrong. Not unless you are familiar with pantones, rules of aesthetics and tungsten lighting.

Games like Sims and Cloud has already proven that there are more interesting aspects in the field of Flow that are beyond challenge and ability.If you don’t have two computer screens, you’re an amateur. Who would buy carton of milk is matte with raised lettering.You think it feels like Braille, and are pretty certain it’s milk for a blind person, but they seem to dig it. After all, a lot of people would consider you quite lucky to be dating a designer, they are a creative, imaginative and driven bunch of people.But you can’t say they aren’t proud of their work, you’d be hard pressed to find a designer willing to hand in something sub-par just to make it home in time for Survivor.It’s called ‘Adobe’, and you will never understand it.

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And you can imagine how the overall experience will change from a passive question after question based test into an active free roaming score collecting contest.