Dc dating blogspot

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Dc dating blogspot

If one more guy starts a conversation with ‘What do you do?

A lot of people (myself included) have hypothesized about the root of the trouble with Washington’s dating scene: “D. brings some terrible people here, what with the K Street crowd and Hill folks.” “Nobody wants anything serious, because they’re ready to up and leave for the next big opportunity.” “And what’s with everyone talking about their jobs?

You may find more guys wanting to settle down than in, say, New York, but not before they pick your brain on the fine points of health care policy, not to mention pinpoint exactly where you fit in on the political spectrum. If that sounds familiar, read on for more ways to know you've been dating in D. except when it makes you weep that they're all 10 years younger than you. You avoid Adams Morgan on a weekend night like the plague. In which case you book it to 18th Street, do some jello shots at Millie & Al's, and your night ends in Jumbo slice and tears. You've dated every political affiliation, religion and nationality there is. Maybe you've been dating for years, but you still don't know.

C., or you're a lifer, the city of Northern charm and Southern efficiency presents its own special dating challenges. You're the resident old man/woman in your Columbia Heights grouphouse and you're loving it ... And then there was that cute foreign exchange grad student from Pakistan. You've told your date (or a date has told you) that a piece of information is "off the record."Or your date didn't reveal the details of his top-secret job until you got to know each other better.

There was Pookie, Cookie, Varkie, PG-13 Booty Call, JFK...

Did she grow tired and frustrated with the DC dating scene?

We first met for lunch at Whitlow’s and she walked up to the outdoor table with an outgoing personality and a snarky sense of humor.

is relatively tiny and lots of people there like to see their names in print.

for a while, you’ve probably wondered, “Why is this so freaking difficult?

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” To try to answer these questions for myself, I decided to produce a video series.