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To demonstrate how to calculate a company's cost of capital, we will use the Gateway case study developed in the book.

Readers who want to calculate the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) may wish to download the accompanying spreadsheet. As of the end of 1999, Gateway only had debt of .5 million.

The only realistic way to get a loan was through a HELOC and many Americans were underwater on their homes during this time.

Equity shareholders, unlike debt holders, do not demand an explicit return on their capital.

You'll have to be disciplined to make sure you're not accumulating more debt after you paid it off.

Spend some time and take a close look to figure out how you got into debt the first place. Were you spending too much on food, groceries, or travel?

Whatever it is, it's important to acknowledge the root of the problem before you apply for a loan.

You're Consolidating the Wrong Debts When you're applying for a debt consolidation loan, your instinct might tell you to take the highest amount you're approved for. Take a close hard look to see what your interest rates are with each account.

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In the tutorial on Present Value, we demonstrated that the greater the "riskiness" of a future cash flow, the lower its present value.

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