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Doing the right thing is usually harder than doing the wrong thing.When you look for it, there’s always an excuse to take the easy way out and do the wrong thing. They find ways to do the right thing even when it’s more difficult. So if we only build relationships with people who we think have it all together, we will have very few relationships in life, and the relationships we do have will be based in idolatry thus will not last long.The Bible does not command us to look for perfect people.If you try to build a relationship with someone who always has excuses for why they cannot do the right thing, you will feel like beating your head against a brick wall. Lazy people attach themselves to caring people who have a strong work ethic.

Peaceful people deal with issues when they come up but they do not look to get involved in every issue they see in life.They force other people down to lift themselves up.This is the recipe for an abusive friendship, dating relationship, or marriage. They want to be in everyone else’s problems, as though they do not have enough to worry about in their own lives. The flickering light draws them in, and then it devours them just as quickly.But as soon as you leave the room they are plotting their next deceptive move.People who use jokes, cynical sarcasm, and passive aggressive behavior on a regular base in their life are not people you can build healthy relationships with.

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Healthy relationships are built on humility and a willingness to admit our wrongs and move forward in love.