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And if DWTS isn't about the dancing, surely it's just a ballot on how innately light-entertaining the performers are, and, sorry everyone else, but just look at Des. He was even gurning and doing hostage eyes during the breaks, like a nervous Eurovision contestant. He seems to have really cared about the result - as evidenced by his Trump-like fulminating about alleged electoral dodginess.The voting got a bit "weird", he was quoted as saying a few days before we meet.Bishop's comedy was originally based heavily on his observations of Irish society, supported by his talent for mimicking the regional variations of the Irish accent.His website says, "Des has developed a unique style of observational comedy, most critical of his adopted home in Ireland and the America he left behind." In 2000, Bishop was diagnosed with testicular cancer; rather than shy away from this subject, Des went on to turn his experiences into comedy material.He later had to pull out of this show due to personal reasons.Bishop created a "hip-hopera" called "RAP ÉIRE" along with Arthur Riordan.You can catch Des Bishop's One Day You’ll Understand tour at Vicar St. It wasn't quite a Brexit or American-election-level jolt, but it seemed a bit unexpected, at least to those under the impression that DWTS is about the dancing.

The show featured him attempting to survive for one month working a minimum wage job in various parts of Ireland.

The pair first started dancing together when they were just 12-years-old and began dating after reuniting in November 2015.3.

Kai Widdrington and Giulia Dotta Professional dancers Kai Widdrington and Giulia Dotta have gone public with their romance on social media after both appearing on DWTS.

And, without minimising the seriousness of that, you couldn't help wondering if there was more at stake for him than mere money.

"Well, I didn't take it as a referendum on my popularity as a performer," he tells me in a firm tone, adding that certain people's entourages got a little overexcited.

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From romance between the pros to celebs finding a partner off the dance floor, here’s all you need to know…The dancing professionals were revealed to have been dating for over a year before joining the show.