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Detailsview itemupdating old values

A number that indicates the likelihood of how often the ad is displayed.The larger the number, the more often the ad will be displayed.The frequency of a particular ad displaying on a page can be configured using the Impressions property and ads can be filtered using keyword filtering.Ad Rotator controls use either an XML file or a table in a database for data.Use the Data Text Field and Data Value Field properties to define the display text and the value for the control.Additionally, you can use the Data Text Format String property to control the appearance of the display text as follows: For numeric/decimal data.A weighting number that determines how often a particular ad is likely to appear.

Data-bound controls have been a pivotal part of interacting with data in dynamic Web applications. NET 2.0 introduces some substantial improvements to data-bound controls, including a new Base Data Bound Control class and declarative syntax. NET applications rely on some degree of data presentation from a back-end data source.

Defines a keyword that can be used when using keyword filtering.

If specified, only those ads with a keyword matching the keyword filter will be displayed.

The following code snippet sets the Image Url, Navigate Url, and Alternate Text for an ad programmatically: List controls include the List Box, Drop Down List, Check Box List, Radio Button List, and Bulleted List.

Each of these controls can be data bound to a data source.

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