Devon lgbt dating internet

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Devon lgbt dating internet

Once I decided I wanted to create a web series, Lisa was the obvious go-to for production needs. stepped in a bit later to lend her support and handle the business end, and she’s really been the glue that has held this all together.

I wanted it to feel raw, and I wanted people to be able to immediately interact with us after they watched the episodes.The lesbian goddesses up above must’ve been listening to our prayers, babes.Allow us to introduce you to “@dating Zoe,” a brand-new, queer lady, scripted web series about “not finding love” in New York’s lesbian dating scene.Starring the fabulous, hyper-talented, openly lesbian actress Rachel Paulson, “@dating Zoe” just might be the web series we’ve been waiting for.Filmed mockumentary style, “@dating Zoe” tells the story of Zoe, a quirky single lesbian in the throes of the oh-so-relatable late-20s /early-30s quarter-life-crisis, who is determined to find love in the big city.

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But before you faint from all the newfound excitement that’s swirling through your veins (and before you go into a weird internet rabbit hole of Googling the cast), get to know the series writer and creator of “@DATINGZOE” Adi Riesenberg in this exclusive interview.

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