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For , it makes smoothies as well as some 0 and 0 models.

What's more, it completes these tasks quickly and with style.

The Nutri Ninja also boasts a significant cool factor. In the box, you'll find the motorized base, the blade attachment, a 24-ounce cup, an 18-ounce cup, and two custom-fit lids.

The instruction manual is simple and helpful, and they've even thrown in a recipe book to help you get started if you purchase this blender with healthful eating in mind.

900 watts is a solid increase over the 700 offered by Hamilton Beach and the 600 of Nutribullet. Again, this is impressive since the Nutri Bullet can only reach 10,000rpm.

There are plenty of 1,000- or 1,500-watt blenders, including others by Ninja, but those typically sell for more than twice as much.

In fact, every blender we've tested at CNET aced this basic test, including the Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender.

Normally, no food will contact the base outside of spills, so a quick occasional wipe-down will do.

Alternatively, you can fill up either jar with warm water and a little dish soap and pulse it a few times.

Rinse everything off and you'll be good to blend again unless you were just mixing something particularly sticky.

If your blender is old enough that making smoothies involves picking out chunks of seeds and pulp when you're done, sure, advantage to the new guys.

That said, most modern blenders can make smoothies with ease.

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The Nutri Ninja has enough power to prepare your food quickly, and I liked that through pulsing I have direct control over the thickness of the mixture.

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