Do young men like dating older women japanese dating sim ds games

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Do young men like dating older women

Young girls make older men feel younger and desired.

When an old pensioner in his sixties slides his old fragile hands on the hips of a 23 year old, it feels as though he is just twenty eight.

However, other studies and surveys from other countries have similar numbers.

All studies and surveys show that men have a preference for younger women in attraction and dating.

In old age, an older man has accumulated his wealth and the things that pleases a young woman are very cheap to them.

Paying rent, saloon bills, food and clothing are what an old wealthy man will pay with his pocket change.

With a younger woman, they will be viewed as sexually viable. They are mesmerized by the wealth, coolness, patience and how powerful older men are.

Only 14% of married couples featured a younger man, while 53% had an older man.

In fact, one study called the whole cougar phenomenon (an older woman dating a much younger man) a myth.

Since the old man has brains, he will steer clear of such opportunistic old ladies and chase the naïve beautiful ones.

Sometimes older men prefer younger girls to get over their divorces. In such times, older men feel vulnerable and need to reclaim their sexual prowess.

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