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This did not surprise her, as she thought others had the same Divine assistance.

At the age of 17 she briefly became attached to the world, but after a vision she repented.

When her four older sisters were toddlers or younger, of course they went through the things we typically go through with those ages.

Immediate thoughts included just keeping her alive, getting her through surgeries, and learning as much about what we were going to go through with her as possible from the medical side of things. Now that she’s 4 years old, although there are (and always still will be) medical emergencies, surgeries and all the things we thought about the last half of her pregnancy when we tried to imagine our life with her, there is a slightly new perspective I’m gaining. Her brain condition she was born with really leaves parents with a “toss up” situation.

Kids have a wide spectrum of outcomes, and often times things that happen along the way as they are growing also impact those outcomes.

She goes through the same list as above – but – imagine that there is no process for the time being. And, even more challenging, there is never a clue as to what will set her off – whether it be into a frustrated tantrum, or whether it’s into joyful, albeit loud, noises that do not cease. We had a lot of rain come in, and because of her ever changing pressure in her brain, she has a very hard time with weather shifting.

While I understand there can’t be screaming through Mass, it does pose a challenge to me and other special needs moms. She was just frustrated, upset, and couldn’t get comfortable.

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The love of the Sacred Heart was the fire which consumed her, and devotion to the Sacred Heart is the refrain of all her writings.