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Initially printed in June 1998, the book is 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" in size, 88 pages long, paper bound and priced at US including worldwide shipping.Commencing business in 1893 as an auto supply house, Dunhill began producing its own oil cured briar smoking pipes in 1910.In the following decade and a half almost all the elements of the now classic Dunhill pipe line came into place, for instance the two principal finishes - a mahogany "Bruyere" and a black sandblast "Shell" - the metal inner tube fitting and sandblast patents, most all the classic shapes, the white dotted bit, the one year guarantee, and the associated date code stampings.In recent years a number of articles have addressed how to use those date code stampings to date Dunhill briars dating after 1925 but virtually none have addressed the earlier years (R. Field 'A Dunhill Pipe Dating Guide' Pipe Smoker Vol 2 No.1 Winter '84; the Levin Pipes International dating guide in its Dunhill catalogues compilation; 'A Dunhill Pipe Primer' The Smoker's Pipeline, Vol 10, No.There were other technically interesting models made beside the Unique line.In 1933 TALLBOY (made under ’s licence) was offered, timeless elegant design that looks great even today, due to improvements of the fuel system it was working for weeks without re-filling, also the system of constant pressure on the flint was a revolutionary idea.

The only finish to ever bear this duke street stamping was the Bruyere and after June 1918 the only other time Dunhill has employed the stamping was in 1985 in connection with its two Bruyere pipe sterling banded 75 Anniversary Set.

The book however, is far more then simply a dating guide.

Rather with special emphasis on the first half of the century in this initial edition, it addresses the Dunhill briar pipe generally, how it has developed and integrates that history with the pipe's changing nomenclature.

It is alternatively a dating guide, a history of the Dunhill pipe and a study of the Dunhill pipe generally.

As a dating guide it is the most complete, concise and easiest to use ever made available.

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Readers for the first time may comfortably date Dunhill pipes from inception in 1905 to the present day.