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But they don't know that Howard is also considering attending a grief counselling meeting run by Madeleine (Naomie Harris).Directed with a magical sheen by David Frankel (Hope Springs) and written to within an inch of its life by Allan Loeb (The Switch), there's nothing about this film that doesn't feel contrived and controlled.Howard Inlet was once one of New York's most sought after advertising exec's but after suffering a great personal loss, his life has been left in ruins.Now all his friends can do is look on and see a man who once loved life now living each day wishing the end would come.This is a chance to play around with ideas and themes often reflected on and behind the screen or stage, or so actor Ed Norton believes."I think it's always fun when you have a movie about people inside the trade of entertainment," says Norton, "and then you have people who are obviously inside the business themselves and are willing to stick a fork in it a little bit.Continue reading: Michael Keaton, Emma Stone And Edward Norton Discuss The Filming Of 'Birdman' [Exclusive Featurette]The cast and crew of 'Birdman' discuss the visionary filming techniques behind the movie in a short featurette.Among them are director, writer and producer Alejandro González Iñárritu, producers John Lesher and James W.

The very private Norton, 43, previously dated Courtney Love and Salma Hayek before meeting Robertson.Even so, the cast is strong enough to add moments of lightness that lift the movie briefly out of the sludge.Mirren, Knightley and Latimore have a sparky edge as the story's catalysts.In desperation, best pal Whit (Edward Norton), protege Claire (Kate Winslet) and rising-star Simon (Michael Pena) hire a private detective (Ann Dowd) to determine Howard's mental fitness to run the company.They also hire three actors to confront him as Love (Keira Knightley), Time (Jacob Latimore) and Death (Helen Mirren), abstract concepts he's obsessed with.

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Or rather, six continuous pieces that could be stitched together in order to resemble one continuous piece.

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