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Ejpt chat cam gerl

oootinuil)• ~ ~mess to the ACSO d:m:ing lfiis ~ We~ r.onliilamg Botb tllf: ACSO and PHS bmefit from (.l'! 3tigatillg fuc.i J: Dtikm rtiwn ut • ( .111\o"/AIDS CCJr RCJ-Wna.

Ud Qn ~r DPY llm d euh~ .enir: H ·,.'f; ]: ICCip08C under (be n l'!

) tor AC ERA and PER._ benefits on behalf of Contrdctor or its em J)Ioyees agent R, or subcontractors, as well for the payment of any penalties and intt-II~t on such contributions, which would otherwise be the responsibility of Couory. ln e:rfol'1lill:lg services tmder this Agreement, Contractor shall observe and comp, Jy with all applicable law , ord i oanc~ J and regulation~ of governmental agenci.es, inc Jud Jng federal, state, mtmicipai J and local goveming 5 bodies, :having jurisdicti Jon over tt1e scnpe o,f service~, including all applicable pro'! shall immediate·~ y notify the Alameda C-aunty Risk Manager's Offll Ce by tclefihoue.. Ambu Jance Transportation (as specifi~~ in Section B.3.o. Statistics and record keej)lng, aud Dcscrj,ption of Health Care Services Program: PHS sha U provide d1.e tollowing accredited h~hh care serv: H:es: a.. R~screening mu.~t he perfonned for all inmates by a ~ icensed.reg:istenxl nurse (RN) or an LVN under llb.e supervision of an RN~ at lhe ·time of booking at lihe Snntl Rita Jari! Mandatory tnbe Tc\.dosis testing is begun at 11point of co :tact in acrord~l Ce with Smte and local st:ruli: L·u:ds. PH be rcsp Oll Silblc:: for p.r,ovroing a methadone detoxification program and for obtaining a]l licenscs ~ssary to operate U1e program.

INSURANCE: Contractor shal1 al all ki•nes during fue term of the Agreeme•lt with the County ma:irnt2lin in force those irnsurnnoe pohci:es as designated in lhe attached Exhibit C, and will comply with a U tbose requ1ff.."tllent" as stated therein. PREVATLING \VAGE : Pwsuant to Labor Code · eotions 1770etsc-q., Contractor shall pay to persons perfonning labor and services for this Agrer..'"IRent IIJot less than the geueral prevailu1g r;.u.e of per diem wages for wmk of Dsimilar in the lloca J ity in which the Work performed, and not less than lhe ge:nernl prevailing or per die111 wag for legal ho~id11y and overtim ~ worl SATTO 1 : Contract01 hall pro ide \Voll'kers' Compensation i.nsur3flce. r'of the California O~Xupational Safety and Health Act Contractor shall indemnify and hold County hannlt.-ss from any and an liability, fmes, penalties and consequences from any of Conltac~or, s failures to comply wiw such lav.' S,. Contractor :shall promptly submit to County a Mitten report. PBS imake stiff must be trained by Crimirud Just)ce Mental Health Staff irn screening for mentcil health conditions. 2} PH '"' shall assure that arrangements ar~ m aintained whereby pre~Dant wome:n. RI'll ' A' QI"TT:m wlh h~ Uf dl Ltg li'!

aud are not1he responsibility of PBS for the :fiurnr-lling 01' payment of He..'ilihcare Services, unless and until they are initia H)• booked into a Facihty o.r lietuf:ned to lhe c'as1orly of A 0 . Specific St.,'l' Vices pro ided by PHS to Cotmly sball il'ldude, but n:tay not be limited to: a.

and Gr appropriate PHS p:n;olliltii ,regula:dy :att~'! n Lee W-t,£;1 of~ Crimj~ Justice~ ~ 1:4:1 PAiloo~b~.

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