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Enableevents screenupdating

Delete Next My Shape Exit Sub End If For Each My Shape In Active Sheet. If yes, where is the code Screen Updating and Enable Events must be placed (the most fitting place)? Therefore, there are patterns, everywhere in nature. I normally add one, two or all of them depending on what I am doing. Therefore, there are patterns, everywhere in nature. Screen Updating controls whether the screen re-draws it self. Rather than putting a rote "start of routine" and "end of routine" block, it probably would be better to know what one's code is doing and what it effects and put tailored "turn off" "turn on" code appropriate to that particular code. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(By Val Target As Range) On Error Go To Error Handler Dim Rng Photo As Range Dim My Shape As Shape Set Rng Photo = Range("Photo") If Target. Value = vb Null String Then For Each My Shape In Active Sheet. One more thing to conside is Events, if one or more of those sheets have Worksheet_Chnage or Worksheet_Calculate event handlers each change that your code is doing will trigger them and your code need to wait till they return. On Error Go To lbl Error Dim b Events As Boolean, i Calc As Integer, b Scrn Upd As Boolean b Events = Application.

Googling for rs Http Runtime Client Disconnection Error yield nothing.

With what I know, I have set all the connection timeout parameters (that I can find) to 600 seconds. Set the website's connection timeout in IIS Manager 2.

Set the Script Manager in the web front-end USE Report Server go SELECT TOP 20 C.

Calculation = xl Calculation Automatic End Sub Sub Loop Example() Dim Cell As Range Call YK_Start Columns("B: F").

Value 5 Next Cell Call YK_End End Sub using these procedures. EDIT #1 There are many ways to measure the execution time of your code; I don't know the most accurate one; I only need approximate value; See: How do you test running time of VBA code?

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You could do this: ' turn off updates ' Organise data in ram so that it fits the range for which it is meant Dim two_d_arr (rows,cols) load Data From Source two_d_arr Dim destination Range as Range destination Range = Sheets(some Sheet). number of cells updated), and how many sheets are there, how many sheets/cells refer to sheet your code is updating and how many formulas are present in the whole workbook. Screen Updating = False '-----------------------My code Application. Just make sure you reset Screen Updating to true when you're finished running the macro.