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The body is not on a clock counting down to delivery; natural variation will introduce uncertainty.

Health-care providers define the stage or length of pregnancy differently than many people might think. Logically, one might imagine we represent a pregnancy by how much time has elapsed since conception.

Since, under Pennsylvania law, attorney's fees and costs are not collectable absent an agreement between the parties, consider adding language to the credit application providing the customer will pay fees and costs upon collection.

Furthermore, you may want to consider language creating a personal guaranty by the principal or principals for credit extended to a corporate account." From "Credit Applications and Credit Sales-Part I" at Find Law.com: are the links to the documents, read the Terms and Condition sections: "Confidential Credit Application - Terms: Net 30 Days" - Global Shipping Co.: Application and Sales Agreement: Net 30 Days" - Down to Earth Distributors, Inc.: Nurseries ?

In some countries and some branches, it is also common for the invoice to specify: a 2% or 3% discount for payments within (e.g.)10 days, net within 30 days, and then with an interest rate added on for later payment.

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On a bill for merchandise shipped September 15, a bill is dated "as of November 15" making payment due December 15.Medical professionals use a standard set of up to three methods to date pregnancies: last menstrual period, ultrasound, and a physical exam.That way, regardless of where they trained or where they practice, any two doctors dating a pregnancy will predict the same due date or gestational age.doc= Note that all terms of sale should be clearly specified.For example, "net 30 days" should be specified as "net 30 days from acceptance" or "net 30 days from date of bill" or "net 30 days from date of shipment" or "net 30 days from date of invoice for services", etc.; this is to avoid confusion and delay of payment.

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1.5% service charge per month after 30 days of invoice date (18% per annum)... Recognized advertising agencies will receive a 15% discount only upon receipt of payment within 30 days of invoice.