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Statistics indicate that Thai women prefer to marry British men than men of any other foreign nationality.In fact, according to official Thai government figures relating to Bangkok and the surrounding area, the most popular nationalities chosen by Thai women who married non-Thais were the UK and the USA, with over three times as many Thai women marrying British nationals than men from the USA.If they have been married in Thailand, a couple must have a marriage certificate translated into English, and it must then be legalized at the local office of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Thailand.You may have to post the certificate from Thailand to the UK for this.The certificate provided will be in Thai, which must be transcribed into English for the English immigration authorities.Prior to the ceremony, the couple must have what is known as an 'Affirmation of Freedom to Marry' document.In many cases the husband is content to settle down in Thailand with his new wife, while in many others the couple chooses to live in the husband's home country.There are several factors that can influence this choice, the most important being the husband's employment and the relative commitment of the bride or groom to their home country and the need to live close to relatives.

Thanit Chomphra, the Thai wife of a Manchester building contractor, states that'the British people have always been fair minded and willing to give a chance to those who work hard.' Many others feel the same.The experience of Eugene Mc Elroy and his wife Saowanit indicates the extent to which the UK government is prepared to go to restrict such immigration.Saowanit had lived with her husband in Northern Ireland for two and half years when her mother died in Thailand.A Thai bride is not automatically granted a UK visa simply because her new husband is British.It should be stressed that these regulations do not apply only to Thai-UK marriages, but to all marriages between British and foreign nationals.

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She visited her home country for her mother's funeral, but when she returned she was refused re-entry into the UK.