Formatting not updating

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Include a control bound to the trigger field in the view where the formatting occurs.This is the most common solution to a conditional formatting problem.The default value of Field1 is defined to equal Field2 Field3, whose values are set by rules on a button. Instead, put another rule on the button that explicitly sets the value of Field1.Example 2: You have a formatting rule conditioned on the value of Field1.Or you might display an entire record in yellow when an order date is older than two weeks.But sometimes the rules you apply don't display the results you intended.Excel provides numerous predefined table styles that you can use to quickly format a table.If the predefined table styles don't meet your needs, you can create and apply a custom table style.

In this article, I'll explain how Excel applies rules.

This is often because the device does not execute logic and screen refreshes exactly the same way as Info Path does on a PC.

Here are two ways to make your conditional formatting form design more robust on devices: 1.

For more information, see Convert an Excel table to a range of data.

Sometimes a conditional formatting rule that works in Info Path doesn't work on a device, or requires a screen refresh to work.

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