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Emma watched from the corner of the kitchen cleaning a mug with a teatowel.Dinner had been nice but now that all their friends had gone home and Anton was the last to leave; Emma knew he was waiting for a call so he could go somewhere else but... I was young and inexperienced and with a cute enough face and... Lowering my fork back into the Tupperware container, I jab it forward, forcing a carrot and a beef chunk against the plastic sidewall. Chewing, my bent elbow propped over the open door of Lu's refrigerator, I look around me. I was out hitting my normal haunts looking for pussy, and not having any luck.I love baseball and my wife Nora strongly suggested that I coach our boys when they started playing. I was initially hesitant, but once I got involved, it was great. Read On Added: | Category: Reluctance | Avg Score: 4.64 | Words: 3,224 | Tags: milf cuckold anal drunk brunette orgasm | 6 Comments She was thinking of Marco again. Leaning forward in her seat, she tried to engage in the buzzing restaurant table conversation but her mind kept wandering. She hadn’t slept properly for weeks; suffering from the kind of insomnia she’d usually get during the first few days of a vacation. Unconsciously, she rubbed her upper arm, wincing slightly as she felt the soreness. A loud gasp escaped from her lips, as the masked figure grabbed her from behind, his hands rough, all of...Read On Added: | Category: Reluctance | Avg Score: 4.64 | Words: 705 | Tags: cheating straight love angst | 8 Comments Maia was back.

I, on the other hand, wanted to get in better shape as my life had become pretty sedentary. Read On Added: | Category: Reluctance | Avg Score: 4.8 | Words: 3,232 | Tags: milf interracial orgasm gym oral reluctance lesbian | 1 Comment Two college girls on a mission, a surf-shack full of horny dudes. A hot June sun glittered on the water’s surface, but the Pacific breeze cooled Jenna and Celeste, as they settled with their drinks at Armando’s Venice Beach cafe.

She came back every summer and Arch never knew how to deal with it. If he hadn’t paid attention, he might have even missed her.

It seemed fitting for her to reappear with blue skies and sunshine and yet her arrival wound him into something that took weeks to undo. Just the edge of a pretty skirt or the swing of her dark hair. Read On Added: | Category: Reluctance | Avg Score: 4.92 | Words: 5,655 | Tags: straight sex mf spanking oral blowjob ex-girlfriend party | 20 Comments After the Frat Party, Susan's evening is not over Susan Jenkins was relieved that the frat Halloween party was over. Read On Added: | Category: Reluctance | Avg Score: 4.83 | Words: 5,812 | Tags: bdsm stranger writer erotic fiction restraints vibrator | 6 Comments A lonely university girl gets liberated by two workmen I didn’t cope very well when I started university.

Subjects which are considered a little risque like blackmail, coercion and hard seduction, belong in this section.

Typical reluctance erotica might involve a partner who is unwilling at first to take part in some form of sexual activity, however more often than not, there's a happy ending.

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Teens caught using neighbour's pool without permission 1994: I heard about the pool through my best friend Jess. Sure, she was pretty, and smart, and cool, and nice,...