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Kim and Klein ask if they can go in-depth with Amy and her mother. The mother admits on camera that the ER wanted 0 just to look at the fingernail; she also complains of another ER bill totaling more than 0.

That one she’s paying a month because “what else can I do?

Throughout Klein keeps the camera on so he can “be in the story as much as possible.

It gives an immediacy that for TV is really good.” A 20-year, 10 News veteran, Klein loves filming the real. Covering people, he says, “You never, never, never, want to touch someone” because that may evoke a manufactured feeling—your niceness may make them act differently.

I’m riding to the newser with KGTV photographer Richard Klein and weekend anchor/reporter Lee Ann Kim.

Having been assigned this story at the morning editorial meeting, Kim and Klein began calling emergency rooms to interview the staff but were told, in so many words, to stay away.

And so, in the form of two-person news crews, the local stations oblige: KGTV/Channel 10; KUSI/Channel 51; KFMB/Channel 8; KNSD/Channel 39; XETV/Channel 6; KSWB/Channel 69; and KBNT/Channel 19 (Spanish language Univision).

These seven stations broadcast 113 hours of news every week in San Diego, the 25 largest media market in America.

“The message,” Klein says, “gets lost when you show a crowd of people.

” Klein hustles outside to “spray” the newser, that is, get footage of the line-up without sound.

Back inside he follows Amy down the corridor with nurse Betty, shoots her consultation, plus the all-important Band-Aid on the wound, and the final bill-paying moment, a twenty and a ten, .

When we arrive, the six other channels are erecting cameras on tripods; reporters are writing on hand-cupped notepads.

Sure enough, it’s just as Kim feared: Jacob says she’ll be announcing a “joint effort” to “establish guidelines” for emergency rooms, so today we will introduce to you the media—and, thus, you at home—the people who will work together (at a later date) to establish those guidelines.

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Just then Margaret Radford, a recognized anchor/reporter from Channel 8, comes in.

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