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Cock, if you're talking about the animal, it's perfectly all right!They used to read that to us from the Bible in third grade; and we would laugh "cock" is in the Bible!

The term used to describe people with life-changing diseases or injuries followed a similar path, from "crippled" to "disabled" to "handicapped" to "physically challenged"; when terms like "handi-capable" and "differently abled" were proposed, it came across as Political Correctness Gone Mad and people generally agreed to stop messing with it.

Usually relates to sexual euphemisms, but can also involve other sensitive concepts. Even very slight changes in usage can produce this effect; until recently, a man might speak of his attraction to a "young girl" and mean a twentysomething. And sometimes the expression has an innocent meaning that is at least as valid as the naughty one, but now there are just too many people with their minds in the gutter.

Compare with Hilarious in Hindsight, of which this is arguably a Sub-Trope.

This means that in some cases the writers are using the words deliberately in order to get crap past the radar.

, whereby terms are repeatedly replaced as the previous word falls into such a state of misuse that it cannot be recovered.

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